Sparta Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy Testimonials

“I highly recommend S.O.S. Both Scott and Christina are very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Very easy to make appointments.. thank you to the front desk.”

Nina Elmuccio

“They went above and beyond for my husband. Called around Sparta, Scott and staff were the only ones that accommodated our last minute PT with an insurance nightmare. They truly understood the importance of therapy, assuring my husband received it quickly. They put the patient first. Very happy w this wonderful group, they truly are working to help people.”

Ann Braun

“i can’t say enough good things about this place .. i feel i have a long road to recovering from my injury and christina is so patient, gentle and kind .. she makes me feel safe and its hard for me to trust anyone especially when in pain! she makes this really difficult situation so much easier to deal with!”

danerz cheese

“I met the people at Sparta Orthopedic and Sports when I injured my shoulder. The top notch I was fortunate enough to provide me with the necessary repairs had recommended SOS for the required rehabilitation to restore the shoulder. I had experienced rehabilitation at another facility due to a non-related knew injury a few years before and that low quality of care and outcome made me concerned about another rehabilitation disappointment. The surgeon assured me that SOS would be different. How absolutely correct he was! The people at SOS are experts and they genuinely care about the best outcome for the patient. The treatment is individualized and constantly monitored and adjusted according to the patient’s progress. This a totally different compared to the profit driven production line “processing” instead of treatment that the corporate owned rehabilitation centers provide. Take my word-they are very different in terms of outcome as my experience proves. As an example, my neighbor’s son-in-law had the same injury as I in the same time frame-that poor guy could only lift his arm to shoulder height while I had recovered full range of motion. I went on to a full recovery of motion and strength that I still enjoy with no discomfort. Others I met at treatment report the same outcome recovering from hip replacements and other types of injury. The friendly and caring people of SOS led me to seek them out for a knee injury I recently suffered. I got the same level of expert care. My personal recommendation is to seek treatment at Sparta Orthopedic and Sports if you have the need. Do as they prescribe and I am confident you will have the best outcome possible, I have that. much faith in these people.”

Wayne O

“I am writing about the recent therapy that I have received from Sparta Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in Sparta, NJ. Scot and his team are very professional and qualified to help you recover and get back into the mainstream of work and daily activities with the physical therapy they give you. The office staff is very nice and they are very flexible to help you schedule appointments that fit your needs. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for an office to provide quality care and physical therapy. Thank you.”

Frank B

“Fantastic therapists! I cannot say enough about SOS to friends & family. Both my kids who play high level sports have been treated for their injuries…coming back stronger both physically & mentally. Patients are not rushed during their therapy sessions. Sessions include therapeutic massage, a technique that is not done at several local physical therapy facilities. The staff is positive, personable & professional.”

Kristina Blaszak

“The staff at SOS is caring, compassionate, & professional. I suffered a fractured humerus of the right arm and shoulder trauma from a fall. I was amazed at how well I could move my arm without stiffness or pain. Sparta is blessed with having a healing place like Sparta Orthopedic & Sports.”

Robert C.

“I have been coming here over ten years. Scott has given me a much better quality of life. Came for my back doing fine now. After knee replacement, had me up and walking in no time. He is very nice, friendly, easy to speak with, listens. I have complete trust in him. Highly competent, truly compassionate. His staff are friendly, caring and fun to be around. Recommend them highly. “

Geri B.

“SOS is the best! Have used them after an ACL reconstruction and rotator cuff surgery. Scott makes you comfortable while gaining back your range of motion and gives you the ability to navigate daily life again. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and refer everyone to SOS!”
Julie Delagrange

“I have been helped by SOS three times in the past. They have always been able to get me to my recovery goals. I have referred many people to SOS and will continue to do so while hoping I will not have a need for there professional service again.”
Chris Delagrange

“I have just completed a 3rd course of therapy at SOS, this time for post knee replacement treatment. Over the more than 10 yr period, I have re chosen SOS because of the professional skill of Scot, the responsiveness to each individual patient , the friendly , open atmosphere offered by him, his assistant. (Who I observe in action) , and support staff. The facility is also airy , open and convenient on a central Sparta arterial road! I cannot recommend them highly enough! Connie Schmalz “
Connie S.

“I went to SOS PT for both a shoulder injury and lower back issues after I had my son. Dr Scott was wonderful. They accommodated my schedule and got me back to triathlons. A wonderful place and wonderful staff. Would recommend them to anyone.”
j ho

“The SOS team is very professional and caring. I would recommend them to anyone needing PT. The team is great to work with and very knowledgeable. Best PT in Sparta!”
Adrienne Faber

“I’ve gone to S.O.S. for many years, after several surgeries & chronic arthritic issues. I can’t recommend S.O.S. more highly. You’ll receive highly-competent, compassionate and friendly treatment, with more hands-on therapy than any other PT establishments I’ve tried. What’s more, the entire staff always treated me like a valued part of their family. You won’t regret it! Jake Struck Sparta, NJ”
Jacob Struck

“Excellent physical therapy. Very convenient and great results. Scott has been treating me for many years. Knee replacements, broken leg, broken hand, etc. I highly recommend this place.”
Vicky LHommedieu

“Professional, caring, personal service. Great location. Highly recommend.”

“Love this place!!!! I had a great experience here. I had surgery and had to have therapy on my arm and shoulder. I could not even lift my arm up when I started. Within a week I had so much improvement. They really worked with my schedule it was never a problem. When I was finished I had full mobility in my arm and shoulder.I would highly recommend them. I already recommended a friend.Plus it was fun, lots of laughs and good conversations.Keep up the good work!!!!”
Patricia Tallia

“All the staff are exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. The physical therapists made sure my son was comfortable, confident and that he felt back to his baseline after breaking his fibula and dislocating his ankle. Would gladly return back to SOS should we ever need physical therapy services. Thank you all!”
Yamilet Justiniano

“My family and I have been going to S.O.S. For many years! The PT’s are very professional and the staff are great! With multiple surgeries and chronic back issues, I can always count on them to help me feel better! I always looked forward to my visits ( even though, I was in pain)! They always make you feel comfortable and relaxed! A very friendly atmosphere! I recommend S.O.S. to everyone!”
Virginia Arduini

“The staff could not be better! “
Victoria Rappold

“Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Very clean. Recommend them to anyone needing to have PT.”

Dave DiMichele Jr

“Really good therapists and very knowledgeable helped me a lot. “
Andrew Chamberlain

“Suffering from lower back problems, my favorite recreational sporting activities became a challenge. After trying Chiropractic for a few years, it became clear and evident my condition required more serious attention. From the initial consultation forward, the team at SOS has provided a level of attention and care that is second to none. I highly recommend their services.”

Rob from Jefferson Twp, NJ

“An avid runner, I damaged my leg training for the Philadelphia marathon. With six weeks to go, I quickly searched for a Physical Therapist to remedy my problem. Within 2-3 weeks I was back on my feet and ready for the Marathon. I would highly recommend SOS to any interested parties.”

Stacey from Oak Ridge, NJ

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Ann B.

 “They went above and beyond for my husband. Called around Sparta, Scott and staff were the only ones that accommodated our last minute PT with an insurance nightmare.  They truly understood the importance of therapy, assuring my husband received it quickly.  They put the patient first.  Very happy with this wonderful group, they truly are working to help people.” 

Dave D.

“Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Very clean. Recommend them to anyone needing to have PT.”